31 January 2015

Lifestyle: Bye Bye January, My Month in Pictures (and update)

January is a bit of lull month isn't it?  I definitely had a case of the January blues over the last few weeks. There is always so much happening in December and when all the excitement and stress is over, the new year brings with it a sense of feeling lost, confused and a bit disorientated.  Therefore life on the blog has been a bit quiet recently. I think I just needed to take some time out after the huge venture that was Blogmas, and also to find some steady ground to slowly get back into the swing of everyday life.  I have also been doing a lot of planning/organising/making future decisions this month, January is after all the month to get organised.

Subsequently, there is not much to show for my life over the last month but these are the few Instagram pics that did make it. Nothing too exciting and certainly nothing to write home about.  There are quite a few foodie pics and that just goes to show how I spent most of my January indoors seeking comfort in the kitchen.  Obviously my cats made an appearance because who doesn't spend their evenings photographing their pets? I didn't really do much at all in terms of socialising, I was a complete hermit!  But hey, this is my life and I am honest enough to show you all how life can be sometimes.

I can already tell that February is going to be quite a busy month for me and my blog so keep posted :)

How was your January? Do you suffer from the post-christmas blues like me? Have you got any exciting plans for February? I would love to know in the comments below!


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